Amsterdam Pics

1. Hanging with the locals. A friend of Chris's calls the Dutch the Whos, a la Dr. Seuss. It's hard to explain, but it made Amsterdam much more fun when we realized this was the home of the Whos! And Dutch certainly sounds alot like I imagine Whoish would.

2. Chris and I in sunny but cool Amsterdam. Spring was just starting to hit.

3. Vlaamse Frites! Amsterdam loves these thick french fries, doused liberally in heavy sauce (mayo and curry seem to be the top two, but there's a long list to choose from). Chris and I did our part to sample this authentic local cuisine.

4. Chris and I rented bikes and went all over Amsterdam. Amsterdam is, like Venice, a city of canals and was reclaimed from the marshes. Because of this, it's also totally flat, which made biking very easy. There are bike lanes and lights, and the cars honestly stop every time for the bikes. Amazing. We had a great time. It's funny how lost you can get on a bike, too.

5. Chris! I wish I had more pictures of Amsterdam and its amazing canal houses.

6. The canal houses are not nearly as ornate as those in Venice, but they (like everything in Amsterdam) have a wonderful restrained beauty.

7. Amsterdam marketing folks have an odd sense of how to move product. How would a chopped-up mermaid sell anything? What am I missing?




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